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Dean Andrew Hidas

Senior Physicist
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dean Andrew Hidas

Ph.D. Duke University, 2008
B.S. University of California San Diego, 2002

I am currently scientific staff at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the Insertion Devices Group working on the National Synchrotron Light Source II. Our group is responsible for the Undulators and Wigglers in a 3 GeV electron synchrotron which is designed to run up to 500 mA. I am currently working with the control systems for many of the installed devices as well as future implementations. I also work on analysis and simulation software related to the radiative properties for both devices measured in the lab and simulated devices. I am the author of OSCARS.

My formal training and previous research was in High Energy Particle Physics. My thesis was a search for the Higgs Boson on the CDF experiment at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. I was a postdoc and CERN Associate with Rutgers University on the CMS experiment where I was Technical Coordinator for the Pixel Luminosity Telescope detector project. This is a high precision luminominator and silicon pixel charged particle tracking detector installed very close to the interaction point in CMS. I also studied the charge collection properties of single and poly-crystal CVD diamonds and was involved in the first installation of a diamond pixel tracking detector in the LHC.

Related things which I am interested in include: Probability and statistics, modeling of large-scale complex systems, programming, programming languages, cosmology, dark matter, and anything related to why the scale of the large has not met that of the small. Global warming and earth science in general. Space exploration!

Outside of the lab I play music, hike, run, cycle, ski, cook, travel, and coffee frequently.

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